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Operating instruction of multi-function vehicle emergency starting power

What is vehicle emergency starting power? It is a portable power bank developed for driving car lover and business person. It’s special function is start the car since the car lacks of power or can not start due to other something wrong with it. 

Design Idea
The idea of vehicle emergency starting power is easy to operate, easy to carry, using PVC material and high-rate lithium polymer cells, color LED indicator showing battery power and level of charge. Vehicle emergency starting power can be charged through charger 220V or car charger to get the power, the inner charge control route have the functions of turned off automatically to prevent over charge which is very important to protect the power circuit. There is one button to control LED torch and output voltage, DC 5V charge. 
First Energy Power Co.,Ltd spent huge cost to develop high quality high-rate lithium polymer cells, took the first to bring out the multi-function, high quality vehicle emergency starting power(F1). Below please find the highlights of this product:

12V vehicle emergency starting power(4) 12V vehicle emergency starting power(5)
12V vehicle emergency starting power(6) 12V vehicle emergency starting power(7)
1. Ten features of vehicle emergency starting power
Feature 1: 80 times emergency start
Feature 2: once start in cold weather(minus 20 degrees Celsius)
Feature 3: 60 hours floodlighting
Feature 4: 40 hours of explosion-flashing
Feature 5: sending 120 hours SOS signal 
Feature 6: 10 times above for smart phone full-charged 
Feature 7: power supply for computer 3 hours
Feature 8: one third of old product volume 
Feature 9: about 3-5 years life time
Feature 10: convenient(family and car charger)
2. Five functions of vehicle emergency starting power
(1) 12V emergency start for car
(2) Emergency charge for all mobile phones
(3) Emergency charge for all laptops
(4) High light and multi-mode LED torch
(5) Battery capacity is up to 12000mAh, small volume and delicacy appearance
3. Product Description
Product operating instruction
1) choose suitable voltage and connector to charge electronic devices.
2) After connected the device with EPOWER, it will start supply power once you press the switch; When you pull up the connect wire, it will sleep within one minute. 
3) When charge for EPOWER, after the indicator lights up gradually, the low light always bright while the high light flicker(For example 60% power, LED1, LED2 always bright, LED3 flicker), Four lights all bright are showing charge end.
4) There is function for showing power. During the charge/supply for other devices, the indicator light shows just one, it means the inner battery power is 25%; while it shows two, means power is 50%, and so on. When power is less than 25%, the LED blink.
5) Click to open the power indicator, 5V output is opened, DC socket 12V output corresponds with 12V point light. Long press the button then click button to adjust the output voltage, and the light of corresponding voltage will be bright. (No connect load when you adjust the output voltage)
6) If you want to use the LED lighting function, please press the button twice continuously to start it, then short press button to switch the lighting condition, hard light, explosion-flashing, press button twice continuously to close one by one. 
7) Please put the product in cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight. 
8) Please charge fully to place if long time no use, recharge each two months. 
4.Product special instruction
When start 12V car, please confirm there are 3 bright indicate lights above. The red clip clips the positive pole(+) of the jar while the black clip clips the negative poles(-) tightly, then insert the jar connector to EPOWER, rotate the switch to start. After start the car, take off the plug then the battery clip. 
5.Product parameter
Dimension: 167*65*26.5mm
Output: 5V/2A; 12V/2A; 19V/3.5A
Input: 5V/1A
Start current: 200A
Peak current: 400A
6.Product highlight
Patent technology, lightest, smallest in the similar product. 
Choose the high capacity high power 12000mAh lithium polymer cell, low self-discharge, the cycle time for charge and discharge can reach 1000 times.
Support 12V vehicle emergency start, charge for a variety of brand mobile phone, PSP, MP3/4, PDA, laptop etc other products, with function of lighting at the same time.
Multiple safety protection design to make sure the products without any defects.




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